Marilyn Monroe and Raw Eggs, Liver, and A Hot Fudge Sundae?

Marilyn Monroe and Raw Eggs, Liver, and A Hot Fudge Sundae?.


Marilyn Monroe and Raw Eggs, Liver, and A Hot Fudge Sundae?

                                 Why Have Women Today Lost Simplicity?

Sitting at my Kitchen Table preparing my tofu and egg breakfast, I looked at my portrait of the beauty icon: Marilyn Monroe.

Image  I wondered what it was that this glamor goddess consumed on a daily basis.  What was it that gave her those ruby lips, glistening white teeth, voluminous and shiny hair, skin that looked like buttercream and a body like Aphrodite?

  Hence, I had to wonder…What did this smothering temptress consume?  Did she have a nutritionist?  Had she ever heard of the “Elimination Diet,” Macrobiotics, or Veganism?  No.

  I learned that as she dressed in the morning, she would warm a cup of milk on a hot plate and then crack two raw eggs into it and whip this concoction with a fork.

She didn’t eat lunch, not because she was starving herself or on her way to anorexia, but because this starlet was busy!  So for dinner,

Marilyn would stop at the market near her hotel on the way home from Drama Class to pick up steak, lamb or liver, which she would broil herself and accompany the protein with 4 or 5 raw carrots.  If she had a craving for sweets, would stop at a local ice cream parlor for a hot fudge sundae.  She has been quoted saying, “I’m sure that I couldn’t allow myself this indulgence were it not that my normal diet is composed almost totally of protein foods.”

So, clearly she had a clue that protein is important.  Now-raw eggs and broiled liver finished off with a hot fudge sundae may make you cringe.  Just like caviar or sardines are a favorite to some and not others.  

WHY IS IT NOW THAT WOMEN EMOTIONALLY EAT, Shutter at the thought of fat grams,  count obsessively calorie intake and try to find food with the least possible energy aka. calories now in the 21st century?  Why do we feel depressed if we indulge in a craving?  Marilyn did not think of food as way to rid herself of emotions.  Why have we become stereotyped as stuffing our faces with chocolate, eating pints of ice cream, while at the same time crying and then using any means possible to release it from our system?

I will tell you my philosophy.  We have been slammed with so many different diets that we don’t know if cabbage soup or quinoa will keep us healthy.  We have been exposed to airbrushed women and compared to people that don’t exist, and therefore we no longer want to exist.  We starve ourselves into non-esistence.  When did this stigma become a woman’s vice?  What are we being taught that allows us to think that the lesser the number on the scale, the better we look to the public?

Nowadays, there is a certain time we “must eat and a time we must stop eating.”  There are times we are told to “Be hungry for our lunch break,” “dinner is at six,” “no eating after 8 pm.”  We are told that giving into cravings shows a lack of self control. 

I believe eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is vital to a healthy life.  However, Marilyn’s routine just goes to show you that every body is different.  Hence, the term- Bio-individuality.  What is one persons food is one person’s poison.  She was a meat eater.  And so Be it.  I would say perhaps she was a type O, and needed meat to take care of that gorgeous figure.  Ladies and gentlemen, we know a lot more now that we did then.  Yet, we cannot forget that there was a time where people were happy and healthy with the Foods They Liked Most.